Slow Loading Website Hourglass

JD asked “Why does my website take so long to load?”

I built the website for our business with a site builder that our hosting company offered (not Wordpress). I’m OK with the site for now, but some people have said that it takes a long time to load. It loads pretty fast for me, though. Is this something I can fix? Any suggestions would be … Read more

Learning experience

Third and last in a series of recently-purchased posters by AtiKuSDesign.

The best way to predict the future…

Such an obvious truth. Do we really need a poster? Well, some of us must or there wouldn’t be a market for posters that remind us of obvious truths. OK – yes, I bought it.

The 80/20 rule, time management & productivity

The time we spend on our most gratifying and profitable tasks typically accounts for only 20% of our working hours; the rest of our time is spent “toiling away on the kind of work that offers a low (or non-existent) return.”

Small Biz Survival: What to do if you hate your website

Remember the one most important feature for your new website. Focus on finding a system you can and will keep updated. That is the only thing that matters. “What to do if you hate your website” from Small Biz Survival Small-town entrepreneur and blogger Becky McCray offers some good advice for small local businesses and … Read more

Empty storefront

New options coming for super-small businesses

It’s tough watching little guys (i.e., mom & pop shops, solo entrepreneurs, new kids on the block) get kicked around in the marketplace because of their inexperience in one key area or another. I’m a firm believer in the free market and the way – if it’s truly free – it rewards people that do … Read more

Their lives, their fortunes & their sacred honor

American flag at the courthouse in Douglas County, GA Photo by Teresa Rosche Ott IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to … Read more

A good mantra

Isn’t it exasperating to only be kind of thankful you’ve gotten a thing down pat because you had to screw it up three times in essentially the same way? Of course the solution lies not in perfection, but creativity. Hopefully your mistakes don’t involve fire. Or children. Either of which can be rather unforgiving.

Downtown Douglasville, GA - Photo by Mary Lesh -

Need customers? Start here.

Glenn Muske, in his recent post for Small Biz Survival, gives what should be commonsense advice: Research has found that potential customers need to hear or see the name of a new business three to five times before they even recognize that the business exists. Thus, a one-time big advertisement will do little to bring … Read more