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Here is where we share two-plus decades of web-centric business experience (& some un-sexy truths) for entrepreneurial types more grounded in reality than, say, Instagram.

It's fun to believe click-baity posts that promise amazing, easy and instant results from doing next to nothing. But you won't find those here. Why? Because growth and profitability come from fearlessly making the right moves. Chief among those moves: Creating the right web presence.

Not on the list: Clicking click-baity headlines about the latest guaranteed hack for skyrocketing your social media views. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

With less than a month remaining before the November 2010 general election, I was approached about redesigning a web site site for John Monds, a candidate for Georgia Governor. The tight turnaround was a challenge, but a workable one because it forced a focus on priorities rather than minutia – something that would no doubt … Read more

video walk-through: Cox Enterprises annual

I’ve recently started building a video portfolio of my web work. I think the medium allows a better look than the alternatives into the hows and whys of the sites I build, and will take you through each site in five minutes or less. Up until now, I’ve used screen grabs and links to live … Read more

Small businesses and organizations are constantly trying to do more in less time, while competing with bigger businesses that can afford more resources. Being responsive to those who e-mail you is key, but oftentimes dealing with multiple e-mail accounts is confusing or cumbersome, especially if you spend much of your time mobile. This can result … Read more

a dose of common sense

Small business owner Ron Banks won the Cisco/Verizon Better Way Challenge, entitling him to a one-on-one consult with business and tech expert Guy Kawasaki. An article covering Kawasaki’s advice to Banks mentions what should be high-level, common-sense tactics: “…small businesses need to have a vibrant online presence, make sure information on other Web sites about … Read more