I’ve recently started building a video portfolio of my web work. I think the medium allows a better look than the alternatives into the hows and whys of the sites I build, and will take you through each site in five minutes or less. Up until now, I’ve used screen grabs and links to live … Read more

Small businesses and organizations are constantly trying to do more in less time, while competing with bigger businesses that can afford more resources. Being responsive to those who e-mail you is key, but oftentimes dealing with multiple e-mail accounts is confusing or cumbersome, especially if you spend much of your time mobile. This can result … Read more

Small business owner Ron Banks won the Cisco/Verizon Better Way Challenge, entitling him to a one-on-one consult with business and tech expert Guy Kawasaki. An article covering Kawasaki’s advice to Banks mentions what should be high-level, common-sense tactics: “…small businesses need to have a vibrant online presence, make sure information on other Web sites about … Read more