registrar…hosting…DNS – oy! just give me a web site, OK?

For a business owner who may or may not have ever put up a single web site, jumping through the hoops necessary to set up the required components of a new or redesigned site can be a real headache. I’ve done it countless times, yet I still often find it unnecessarily complicated. If setting up … Read more

a dose of common sense

Small business owner Ron Banks won the Cisco/Verizon Better Way Challenge, entitling him to a one-on-one consult with business and tech expert Guy Kawasaki. An article covering Kawasaki’s advice to Banks mentions what should be high-level, common-sense tactics: “…small businesses need to have a vibrant online presence, make sure information on other Web sites about … Read more

Using information architecture to map out a new website

What is information architecture? Do I need it?

If you can organize your thoughts into a main idea with supporting points – think “term paper” – you have what it takes to start crafting the basic architecture for your site.