WordCamp Atlanta heads up

The 2014 WordCamp Atlanta theme is “WordPress for Everyone,” and it really sums up what WordCamp is all about. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say that before they attended their first WordCamp they were reluctant to go because they thought it would be aimed at people who were involved with WordPress … Read more

Spike TV host Jon Taffer offers brutally honest advice for small businesses

Seems like every time I log on there’s someone else telling small business owners what they’re doing wrong. I don’t like so much negativity, but many times I realize from experience that the author has valid points. That’s the case with this post by Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer. This “Top 5” list unsurprisingly paints a … Read more

Hey there, superhero

As a “solo-preneur” herself, designer Jill Anderson knows something about the tendency to take on too many things that are – or should be – peripheral. It’s a habit that can easily gnaw away at our real talents. Not that I would know anything about that… Impressive feats! Less effort! Sign me up! In her … Read more

What’s the best time to post? It depends.

A post over on the Buffer blog runs through a lot of good data that’s been collected on timing of posts to blogs and social media. There are conflicting data, and optimal times vary with specific audiences, but a few clear recommendations do emerge: Thursdays are great all around. B2C (Business to Consumer) Twitter posts … Read more

How do you compete with “WII-FM”?

Over at Small Biz Survival, author Glenn Muske offers solid advice for aspiring small business owners – and, really, any of us already running a small business: A good idea that offers benefits to the customer, coupled with a solid marketing plan and great customer service, can turn into a winning business idea. This is … Read more

Reality check: The real cost of a WordPress website

Over the last couple of years enough entrepreneurs and small business owners discovered WordPress as a solution for their websites that most people who use the web at all have at least heard of it. Many, however, don’t fully understand the difference between using WordPress on WordPress.com versus using the WordPress software installed somewhere else. … Read more

I’m speaking at the 2013 Type-A Parent Bloggers Conference!

Until a month or two ago I’d never heard of Type-A Parent, a social network for thousands of parent bloggers and the base from which a huge and wonderful annual conference springs each year. Maybe that’s because I’m not a type A (though I would be if I could do it by snapping my fingers)…or maybe it’s … Read more

Slow Loading Website Hourglass

JD asked “Why does my website take so long to load?”

I built the website for our business with a site builder that our hosting company offered (not Wordpress). I’m OK with the site for now, but some people have said that it takes a long time to load. It loads pretty fast for me, though. Is this something I can fix? Any suggestions would be … Read more

Learning experience

Third and last in a series of recently-purchased posters by AtiKuSDesign.

The best way to predict the future…

Such an obvious truth. Do we really need a poster? Well, some of us must or there wouldn’t be a market for posters that remind us of obvious truths. OK – yes, I bought it.