How to be a lean, mean remote working machine

Sure, our office is technically always mobile. But when we need even more flexibility – without breaking the bank – these three mobile office essentials help us cover all our bases.

Helping people who'll also help themselves


Note: A version of this post was first published at Wandering Porcupine, when I shared plans to shift the focus of the business. If you’re new here, or you came looking for the simpler web, this post provides the backstory you might use to gauge what you can gain from A Fearless Venture. The importance … Read more

Lotta money

Is cheap graphic design worth it?

I outsourced an infographic for a small-budget personal project. Here’s how I got what I paid for…or, really – paid for what I got!

When your business outgrows the kitchen table, try coworking

Many a successful business began life in a founder’s home. After all, it’s wise to be careful with start-up dollars, and you might as well squeeze a little more mileage out of that mortgage payment, right? Sooner or later, if you’re doing things right, you’ll need to move the business out of the nest so that … Read more

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