Website Preference Questionnaire

How this works

We’ll use our professional experience and judgment to make decisions about what will best serve you.

When we say “you,” we mean your workflow, budget, website skill/comfort level and (most importantly) the people who come to your website or blog.

This all works best after we’ve gotten to know you and your business. We’ve done some of this before asking you to come here.

Now, we’re asking you to put the whole enchilada in writing.

If you have any specific preferences or “musts” when it comes to your new site, tell us about them now.

This form will guide you.

Anywhere you’d rather not deal with details, no worries. We’ll handle it and allow you an opportunity to request minor tweaks without additional charges.

If there’s anything we haven’t specifically asked about here, use the “Last Chance” field to mention it.

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