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You know your WordPress site loads too slowly. You’ve read about how to improve page speed on your own, but you’ve got better things to do with your genius than drag it into all sorts of website nerdery. Except…you’re losing visitors.

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Stop worrying! Get the speed you need with my WordPress Website Speed Optimization service.

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Fast-loading sites make a better impression on visitors, increasing their confidence that your site is well coded & making it easy for them to devour more of your great content.

Skip tech headaches

Not up for a crash course in website speed optimization? No problemo! I’ll do the dirty work & leave you with plain-English recommendations to help keep things speedy going forward.

Personalized service

I implement my best practices & processes on every site, but my service is customized for each site – not automated! In addition to the improvements I make, you'll get personalized recommendations if I see opportunities to further optimize your site.

Guaranteed Improvement

Performance gains will vary, because every site and hosting environment is different. But if I can’t measurably improve your site’s performance or make recommendations for optimizing it, I’ll refund your money.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization Service Feedback

Quick response, easy-to-understand report with clearly described, actionable points.

I loved you trimming the fat on my site and bringing the best plug ins and programs to my attention.

The language/tone and comments really show how much of an expert you are in this.


I can’t give you firm numbers around that because every website is different. I can make huge gains on some sites because they’re in a world of hurt; other sites aren’t that bad off.

In addition, there are factors that I either a) can’t address or b) could address if you had the budget and were willing to change your website hosting or WordPress theme.

At the end of the day, I can tell you that your site will be as good as it can possibly be without going to more extreme – and costly – measures. This is a happy medium for me and for most of the people I work with.

No – this service is strictly for WordPress websites.

Most of what I do solves not only the current problems with your site, but the reasons the problems developed in the first place. I’ll leave behind solutions that automatically address the worst offenders so you won’t have to worry about them.

That said, you could go crazy and ruin your performance gains by installing a dozen terrible plugins, or switch to a bloated or poorly-coded theme. I’ll do my best to discourage that by including helpful suggestions in my final report to you.

Before I work on your site, I’ll run a performance test to document where we started. Once my work is complete, I’ll test again. I’ll provide you with both reports.

Yes. In addition, I’ll leave in place a solution that will help you keep images in check going forward. It does a good job of reducing their size and load time without any detectable loss in quality.

If you have a large image library (this is common with sites that have been online a while), there will be a small additional charge (and possibly a slight increase in turnaround time) to optimize the entire library. If I find that this is the case I will get in touch and let you know.

Don’t worry too much about additional charges. The tool I use has an inexpensive, per-image charge that’s been at most $10 total, and it does a great job.

Probably not. But the things I do fix are responsible for the vast majority of slow website problems. Not worrying about things that may only improve your speed by 1% but double the amount of time I spend optimizing means I can keep my prices affordable.

Maybe. It depends on what the previous person did. As I mentioned in another answer, oftentimes a site loads slowly for reasons other than the usual culprits addressed with this service.

If I can’t improve your speed at all, I will refund your money, so there’s no risk to you. Just know that it’s possible that fully addressing your site’s speed issues could require more complicated or expensive measures than you want to take (e.g., changing website hosts, redesigning or changing your theme).

No, but your site probably doesn’t need anything you can’t do yourself given enough time. doesn’t allow you to add many of the things that slow down regular websites. The biggest problem is usually images that haven’t been properly sized, so make sure you’re using the smallest image sized you can get away with.

The other potential culprit is complicated WordPress themes. Choose a simple design from a reputable developer. You can’t go wrong with themes from Automattic (the creators of WordPress).

Not always. I focus on things that improve speed most. Some things website performance tests measure don’t impact page load speed much, and they’re more complicated a fix than most people are willing to worry over or spend money on.

It’s rare that I can’t make any degree of improvement, but if that happens I will reverse any changes I’ve made to your site and refund your money.

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