WordPress Website Design

How much will your new website cost?

The AFV Difference

When you work with A Fearless Venture to design your new website, you’ll get more than just pretty design (although you’ll get that, too!).

Design that Sells

Anyone can build a pretty website. But let’s get real: When it comes to making money, strategic, user-friendly design beats pretty. Every. Damn. Time.

Experienced Creativity

We bring 20+ years of creative thinking to your site design. We work hard to make sure your design takes you as far as you want to go.

SEO Smarts

SEO isn’t something to just tack on later. We build in the basics, and offer more if you need it. Because if your customers can’t find you, they can’t spend money with you, either.

Performance Focused

We love style, but we know the value of substance. We organize content, layouts, user experience and page speed to help you reach your goals, fast.

All websites we build include…

  • Strategic content analysis
  • Copy guidance & recommendations
  • Content flow/navigation design
  • Google Analytics code integration
  • Basic SEO guidance & setup
  • Basic site setup & configuration on our recommended host
  • Premium GeneratePress theme/platform
  • Performance optimized design
  • Updates, backups & security throughout the website development process
  • One year of Site Care (daily WordPress, theme and plugin updates, backups & security)
  • Blog (optional, but recommended)
  • Social Media icons/links
  • Basic contact form
  • Automatic image optimization setup

Plan & price your ideal website

Choose the options you want. See the investment you’ll need to make it happen. No e-mail or signup required.

(but we’re glad to e-mail you a PDF copy of your quote if you like)

Website Options
Choose a Base Option, then add additional options or services if you like.Choosing the All-Inclusive One-Page Website with Monthly Option? Note that any extras you choose will add any related fee to the total, but these will be one-time charges. Only the amount for the base All-Inclusive Monthly option is recurring.
Extra Pages
If you need additional pages beyond those included with your selected base option, or if you want custom design for a basic page, you can add it using the sliders below.Basic pages are built with text and images only. Custom designed pages can include design elements such as sections, color blocks, backgrounds, hero/billboard images, opt-in forms and calls-to-action. Example: A Basic Multi-Page site includes up to 10 pages; you need a total of twelve basic pages, plus you'd like a custom designed blog page. Move the Basic slider below to 2 to add two basic pages, and the Custom Designed slider to 1, to add one custom designed page.
Content Export/Import
Even if your current site is built on a system other than WordPress (e.g., Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, Weebly, Strikingly and many more), we can import your text and images to your new site. This saves hours vs. copying, pasting and trying to download your images from a non-WordPress site. Note: If you currently have a WordPress site – even a WordPress.com site – you probably do not need this option. We can usually bring your content into your new site at no additional charge. Just let us know.
We can integrate with most any service that provides a code snippet you can share with us.Note: If you need system design or setup, we highly recommend Dani Schnakenberg of Simplified Business Systems.
Additional Expertise
We work hand in hand with trusted partners to offer these frequently needed services. Prices shown are estimates based on average projects.
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