Keep their eyes on you.

You get a faster site. Your visitors get more of your content. Everybody wins.

Website visitors expect speed. When you can’t deliver, they bail – hurting your revenue and your reputation.

Instead of getting down about it, get tactical.

WordPress Website Optimization

Remove revenue roadblocks. Win page views. I'll help!

Hi! I'm Teresa & I'd ❤ to help you with your slow website.

Keep visitors happy

Fast-loading sites make a better impression on visitors, increasing their confidence that your site is well coded & making it easy for them to devour more of your great content.

Skip tech headaches

Not up for a crash course in website speed optimization? No problemo! I’ll do the dirty work & leave you with plain-English recommendations to help keep things speedy going forward.

Personalized service

My service is customized for each site – not automated! You'll get my tried and true optimization systems and individualized recommendations when I see opportunities to optimize your site beyond the basics.

Guaranteed Improvement

Performance gains do vary, because every site and hosting environment is different. But if I can’t measurably improve your site’s performance or make recommendations for optimizing it, I’ll refund your money.

How it works

1. Order Speed

Click 'Get Optimized Now,' fill in your details and pay; then check your e-mail for instructions on setting up secure access.

2. I work my magic

Relax – your site's in expert hands. My proven processes and tools help find and free up speed-siphoning bottlenecks.

3. Get a faster site

Your site will be measurably faster – guaranteed. Plus, I'll leave you with solutions and advice to help keep it fast, automatically.

Client Love

Quick response, easy-to-understand report with clearly described, actionable points.
Seeing the before and after loading speed was like a warm brownie in my belly.
Done quickly without me worrying about it.

I loved that you just went in and got things done – I appreciate your "full steam ahead" work ethic.
Loved how professional and effective the service was. I really appreciated the communication back and forth via email. It not only gave me confidence that you knew what you were doing but it also proved that you truly cared.

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* If I spot any trouble that could cause delay, I’ll get in touch with you straight away. Rhyme unintended. Sort of 😉