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Website Design

Thoughtfully planned design, solid code, and a great experience for your visitors – and you.

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Site Care

Updates that break things. Security vulnerabilities. Backup fails. Our circus. Our monkeys.

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Organic SEO

Increase your free traffic from search engines & attract more of the right visitors – without paid ads.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Thanks for being my teacher

Your voice is in my head. That is one of the best compliments my students can give me. In making our landing page decisions, all I could hear was “make the design simple so your content POPS.” Thanks for being my teacher.

Theresa Tobin Macy, Integrated Natural Health – Photo by Barry Benton, Benton Downs Photography
Theresa Tobin Macy

Above & beyond

What I appreciate most is the responsiveness; Teresa went above and beyond, including fixing a few small issues that were outside our project scope and recording a number of helpful videos.

Ashli Dawn

Helped me fix SEO issues on my website and grow

Brian gave me a list of “to do” items that helped me fix issues on my website and grow as a business. To learn and grow is invaluable!

Life coach Renetta Moore
Renetta Moore

Everything is faster now

Thanks so much for the thorough report and all of your hard work in improving my site’s speed and performance. I’m so happy with how much faster everything is now, and this process has been so educational for me as well.

Cara Owens

Thanks for the good user experience

Thanks so much for bearing with all the ideas/changes, and for making my website so beautiful – and a good experience for the user 🙂
Patrice Kuiken and Finn
Patrice Kuiken

No fear

When you don’t come from a technical background, a website — even a basic one — is daunting at the beginning. Every button you push feels like it might take down the entire site.

Debbie – Site Care customer
Debbie LaFleiche

Our backend stuff is just taken care of – I don’t have to waste time worrying

I’ve enjoyed knowing that our backend stuff is just taken care of and I don’t have to waste time worrying about it or trying to address issues when they arise with plugin updates, etc. It’s greatly appreciated that I can send up an SOS and you get back to me so quickly because it adds peace of mind for me.

Jessie & Ari Adler of Trekers
Ari Adler

Redesign met every expectation I had

What I most appreciated was the insight and advice I received throughout the site redesign process. I learned a lot of things that I will continue to implement for a very long time. I honestly don’t have any criticism – every expectation I had was met.

Jamie Hickey

Info I need is a click away

I wish I had a tool like the WP101 videos when I started my website four years ago. My learning curve would’ve been shorter and those feelings of being overwhelmed would’ve been less. It’s comforting to know the information you need is just one click away.

Debbie – Site Care customer
Debbie LaFleiche

I was nervous about spending the money

I just want to thank you for the job you did. I was nervous about spending the money at first but I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. If there is anything I can do to help you out as far as giving you a review or speaking to someone about how well you guys perform just let me know.

Jamie Hickey

Thanks for bringing our ideas to life

Really nice work guys!! I love the direction – you guys are brilliant!!! Thank you for listening and bringing our ideas to life.

Amy McCaa

You made a complicated process simple

I now have “the Taj Majal of websites,” as a friend put it. What more could I need? You made a complicated process simple. Together the creation process progressed like a choreographed dance. Step by step, page by page…

Theresa Tobin Macy, Integrated Natural Health – Photo by Barry Benton, Benton Downs Photography
Theresa Tobin Macy

Advocates in your corner

A Fearless Venture is the BEST website design and site care agency out there. They go the extra mile to problem solve for their customers so that you feel like you have two advocates for your business in your corner.

Barry and Debra Benton of The Virtual Campground
Debra & Barry Benton

Our new site won us the business

Just wanted to share with you that we got a new customer today as a direct result of the website. When Rich asked how he’d heard about us, the man said he found our site with a Google Search, then chose us specifically because of the points we talked about on the website. Thank you for that!
Rich & Eli Mikelic

My digital home is safe

It’s awesome to know that my digital home is safe in your hands.

Vivian Carrasco
Vivian Carrasco

Appreciate all you do

Just wanted to say that I appreciate you both and all that you do!!

Melissa – Site Care customer
Melissa Bottorff-Arey
Cultivated Journey
Teresa Rosche Ott & Brian Ott; WordPress Website Happiness Team at A Fearless Venture

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We're Teresa & Brian, A Fearless Venture's Website Happiness Team.

Our professional experience with websites dates back to the '90s, when you still had to choose between being on the phone and being online. #thestruggle

Since 2011 we've worked almost exclusively with WordPress. We love it for its starring role in our long-running gig helping "micropreneurs" compete with much bigger players.

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