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It’s easier than you think to have a professional website that earns respect and business from the people you most want to serve — without wasting hours of time or blowing your marketing budget.

Attract the right clients
Maximize budget & ROI
End time-wasting DIY

Websites shouldn’t be so stressful

If you’ve struggled with your website you’re not alone. Most of our new clients have. They say things like…

I built my first website myself. It was a long, frustrating process. The way it works is just OK.
I paid several hundred dollars to have my current site built. I keep finding mistakes, but I’m being ghosted.
I had my website built with Elementor (or Squarespace, Wix, etc.) and can’t figure out how to change anything.
I don’t have a website. at. all.

How we help

We work with small and tiny businesses to create and care for websites that support your goals, free up your time, and maximize your marketing budget. There are many paths to getting ‘a’ website. When you work with us, we’ll ensure you get the right website.

you’ll trust

Our 20+ years of experience with websites is certainly helpful, but this is an ever-changing field. We stay on top of new developments, so you’ll always have an expert advisor in your corner. And, no more hours wasted on work outside your wheelhouse.

Service you
can rely on

We’re a very small company, too. We don’t outsource, and actively work with only a handful of clients at once. We get to know you and your website personally, ensuring everything we do not only serves you, but your end goal: delighting people you serve.

Design that
Just Works

It’s not easy to put your finger on what’s wrong. But even without design experience, your gut knows something’s not right. We strive to create the most elegant solutions possible. That is, they work so smoothly visitors notice your offerings. Not your website.

You don’t have to take our word for it…

Patrice Kuiken and Finn
Thanks so much for bearing with all the ideas/changes, and for making my website so beautiful – and a good experience for the user 🙂
Patrice Kuiken
Jessie & Ari Adler of Trekers

I no longer have to waste time worrying about backups or updates, or handling issues that arise with either. It’s all just taken care of.

Ari Adler
We got a new customer today as a direct result of the website. He found our site with a Google Search, then chose us specifically because of the points we mentioned on the website. Thank you for that!
Rich & Eli Mikelic
Pet portrait artist Melissa Smith Guyette

I wanted a clean, easy to navigate site. Teresa listened to my needs and met them all. Her ideas on site layout, my customers’ experience and the flow of placing an order were spot on.

Melissa Guyette

My Story

What do you do when your job of 10+ years vanishes into thin air?

I was once part of a team of some of the most talented people I've ever met. Suddenly, it was all up to me.

During my time at the firm, I grew as both a writer and website pro. I learned the tricks of the trade, and how to create work that lived up to exacting standards. Since most of our clients were Fortune 500 types, though, the job quickly became more soul-sucking than creative.

I did what most of us in that situation do: Nothing but daydream.

Then, the universe made the choice for me. I was free to start my own business. Hooray, right? I knew websites, and writing. But little about business. I've learned a lot since then. Often, the hard way. It all makes me both empathetic and passionate about helping others who are trying to forge their own path.

Teresa Rosche Ott
Founder, A Fearless Venture

How It works

Yes, we can help you get your website on track. Here's how.

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We'll put our heads together to arrive at the best options (there's almost always more than one approach) for your website's design, maintenance, copy, or all of the above.

Look Like
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Your days of riding the website struggle bus are all in the past. You've built a worthwhile business. At last — it has an online presence that resonates with your future best customers.

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