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Here is where we share two-plus decades of web-centric business experience (& some un-sexy truths) for entrepreneurial types more grounded in reality than, oh…IDK – Instagram? TikTok? #girlboss?

It's fun to believe click-baity posts that promise amazing, easy and instant results from doing next to nothing. But you won't find many of those here. Why? Because growth and profitability come from consistently making the right moves.

Topping the list of right moves: Treating your customers right. Doing good work. Sharing it on your blog. Making your website easy and attractive for people you don't work with yet, but want to.

Not on the list: Clicking click-baity headlines about the latest guaranteed hack for skyrocketing your social media views. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What you need to know about website load times

*Before* you try to speed up your website

Most site speed advice is full of scare tactics, irrelevant stats & technical mumbo-jumbo. We skip that BS & give you actionable tips to help your WordPress site.