Imagine having a website that ticks all the boxes…

  • resonates with your ideal client
  • supports your business goals
  • helps you make money & save time
  • safeguards everything you’ve built

We create & care for websites that help entrepreneurial small & micro businesses thrive.

WordPress Website Design

  • Clean, thoughtfully planned design for maximum visitor happiness.
  • Intentional content organization that supports your business goals.
  • Well-coded pages that load fast & make search engines happy.
  • Experienced professionals & expert guidance you’ll appreciate.
Just wanted to share with you that we got a new customer today as a direct result of the website. When Rich asked how he’d heard about us, the man said he found our site with a Google Search, then chose us specifically because of the points we talked about on the website. Thank you for that!
Rich & Eli Mikelic

No-BS Organic SEO Services

  • Increase your traffic from search engines – without paid ads.
  • In-depth website review & organic SEO analysis.
  • Written plan with actionable items that will move the needle.
  • DIY or hire us to help. Pay only for what you need.

I have been struggling with SEO for some time for my site. I never seemed to be able to move the needle of my organic traffic and could only get more visitors after running paid ads.

Brian did a comprehensive audit and developed an action plan to increase my organic traffic that was easily understandable and doable. Since implementing, my google traffic has been steadily increasing.

Ryan M.

Site Care: Daily WordPress Maintenance

  • Smart backups that just work – and don't slow your website.
  • No-fear plugin, theme or WordPress updates – we handle them for you, personally and safely. Not outsourced or automated.
  • Never worry again about whether your site's vulnerable.
  • Good value – starting from around $3/day.

A Fearless Venture is the BEST website design and site care agency out there. They go the extra mile to problem solve for their customers so that you feel like you have two advocates for your business in your corner.

Barry and Debra Benton of The Virtual Campground
Debra & Barry Benton

WordPress Tech Support

  • Flexible Help Time by the hour for small tweaks or big problems.
  • Design tweaks, plugin install, form design, troubleshooting & more.
  • Discounted multi-hour packages for bigger to-do lists.
  • Discounted Help Time rates for Site Care clients.
  • Quick Tasks service for affordable help with frequently-needed tasks.

What I appreciate most is the responsiveness; Teresa went above and beyond, including fixing a few small issues that were outside our project scope and recording a number of helpful videos.

Ashli Dawn