WordPress Website Management & Care

That moment when you realize skimping on your website got you hacked?
Never. Again.

Time is money.
Your website helps you make money. Site Care helps you keep that moneymaker safe – and saves you hours every month.

All About Site Care

Save yourself 8 hours or more every month. Keep your website (and your data) safe. Skip update glitches. And, get expert eyes on your site every day.


Unlike most backup solutions, Site Care gives you easy, dependable cloud backups you can actually use.

  • Unlike plugins, our backups are quick & reliable.
  • Our backups don’t hurt site speed.
  • Daily or hourly backups available.
  • No bulky backups wasting your hosting space – we store them safely in the cloud.
  • Quick, easy restore – unlike free backup solutions. We do it for you.


No more fears about plugin, theme or WordPress updates breaking your site. We’ll handle them all for you – safely.

  • Regular, timely updates keep your site safe & performing well.
  • No more logging in & finding stacked-up updates.
  • Our Safe Update process allows us to quickly roll back your site if anything goes wrong.
  • Hands-on, personalized care every day – not automated.


Site Care isn’t outsourced or off-shored. We personally care for your site. Our firewall keeps your site safer by blocking bad actors, malicious scripts & brute force login attempts.

Plus, we check daily for:

  • Malware and infected files.
  • Blacklisting – know immediately if major safe browsing services downgrade your reputation or block your site.
  • Loading errors or outdated software.

Site Care includes all of the above, plus:

  • Uptime monitoring – know if/when your site goes offline so you can take action.
  • Regular performance checks – know if your site’s speed begins creeping into the danger zone.
  • WP Rocket premium performance plugin – safely speed up your website.
  • Monthly report – know exactly what plugins and themes we updated, and get overviews of your site’s security, performance and traffic.
  • Discount on Help Time, our flexible service for tackling WordPress fixes, tutoring or trouble.
  • No need to change web hosts – we’ll work with you wherever you are.
  • No long-term contract. Cancel any time.

AFV site Care

Less stress for you.
Better care for your site.
Seem like a no-brainer?

I’ve enjoyed knowing that our backend stuff is just taken care of and I don’t have to waste time worrying about it or trying to address issues when they arise with plugin updates, etc.

Jessie & Ari Adler of Trekers
Ari Adler

Site Care Options


Site Care


Daily Smart Backups to the cloud save disk space & protect your site from server & web host issues.

Intelligent, efficient system backs up your entire site, then checks daily for changes.

Automated plugin & WordPress updates as needed.

Security scans for vulnerable plugins & outdated WordPress software.

Detailed website health report in your inbox every month.

$25 off every tech support request.

Saves 8-12 hours per month.


Site Care


Put your site maintenance and update tasks in pro hands. Get all Basic level benefits plus

Professional care for your WordPress website – without the 8-12 hour/month time investment.

Done-for-you (by usnot automated!) plugin, theme & WordPress core updates.

Safe process; we review every update & roll back instantly if we spot a problem.

Security scans & daily monitoring.

WP Rocket premium performance plugin.

Detailed website health report every month.

Multiple Site

Site Care


Get professional care for your company's entire website portfolio.

All the benefits of Full-Service Site Care for up to 3 WordPress websites.

Similar discounts for businesses with more sites. Just get in touch and we'll create a custom plan that works for you.

Professional care for all your websites – without spending 8-12 hours on each site every month.

Individual care and detailed reporting for each site, convenient single invoice for all sites.

Site Care is right for you if…

You've never been hacked, had a problem with a backup, or had an update wreck your site – and you want to keep it that way.

You had no clue that WordPress as well as your theme and plugins would all require updates. Constantly. You're sick of spending time on updates every time you log in. Even worse, you're never sure if it’s safe to click update. You cringe every time you hit the button.

You have no backups. Or, you think your host might have them (but you’re not entirely sure). Or if you are sure, you have no clue how to USE the backups if you ever need them.

You've heard enough horror stories to know that merely HOPING nothing goes wrong with your site is a bad plan.

You aren’t big enough for a full-time tech team (yet). But you see value in establishing a relationship with an expert before disaster hits your website – the kind that will cost you a lot more than a few dollars a day.

Site Care might not be a good fit if…

You're rarely – if ever – crunched for time. You don't mind spending 8-10 hours per month making sure your site is safe and well maintained. You're not bothered by the occasional challenge of an update gone wrong, either. (Much respect, friend ????????)

You only randomly update your stuff, if at all. You don't have backups and never worry about hackers using outdated or vulnerable themes or plugins to get into your site.

Your website isn't a business – just a hobby. It's not something you’re counting on for your livelihood, or that you care about enough to invest a few dollars a day to protect.