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When you’re ready for a website that says you mean business

It’s easy to find people who say
they can design websites

What’s tricky is finding an experienced site designer who cares enough about your business to be responsive to your needs – and ensure that every single thing about your new site will ultimately serve you.

When you work with A Fearless Venture, you get that and more…

Design that Sells

Anyone can build a pretty website. But let’s get real: When it comes to making money, strategic, user-friendly design beats pretty. Every. Damn. Time.

Experienced Creativity

We bring 20+ years of creative thinking to your site design. We work hard to make sure your design takes you as far as you want to go.

SEO Smarts

SEO isn’t something to just tack on later. We build in the basics, and offer more if you need it. Because if your customers can’t find you, they can’t spend money with you, either.

Performance Focused

We love style, but we know the value of substance. We organize content, layouts, user experience and page speed to help you reach your goals, fast.

Our Work

We revive tired sites or build new ones from scratch. Bring us a brand strategy and a color palette, or just a few ideas. We’ll handle the rest.

Melissa Smith Art Website Redesign

Art Pays (this website is proof)

Melissa's old DIY site helped her accept commissions and payments, and grow her site into a thriving one-woman business – all on her own terms. When she was ready for more style, good SEO & better performance, we were all over it (because DOGS).

WooCommerce website redesign for artist Melissa Smith
TVC Site Redesign & bbPress Community

RVing Lifestyle Site Redesign

When the Bentons acquired The Virtual Campground, their biggest wish was to use it to create an actual community. We teamed up with them and made it happen!

The Virtual Campground RVer community website home page
Site Redesign for Quilt Pattern Shop

Quilting Blog & Shop Site Redesign

Our fresh new design for Bonjour Quilts lets designer Kirsty Cleverly's gorgeous patterns shine – and makes the website easier for Kirsty and her customers.

Bonjour Quilts - Quilt pattern designer e-commerce website home page
Lead the Way Dog Training Website

Professional Dog Trainer Site

We are BIG dog people, so we were positively ecstatic when Lead the Way founder and lead trainer Amy McCaa came to us to design a fresh new WordPress website to replace a dated Vistaprint site.

Professional dog trainer website redesign
Movement-Matter-Mind One-Page Website Design

Simpler is Healthier

Our simple, all-inclusive one-page website was the perfect option for owner Michele Kersman – a.k.a. “Be Well Michele” – a NeuroMovement practitioner who spends her days guiding clients to move, feel and perform more optimally.

Movement Matter Mind Coaching Home page
Integrated Natural Health Website

Healing Arts Education Hub

Theresa Macy is a healing arts pro with great business sense, which she shares with fellow practitioners via continuing ed options. A limiting GoDaddy DIY website was not helping. So we helped her into a beautiful yet functional design that lets her offerings shine.

Wellness practitioner website redesign
Rollin' with Angie Website

Travel & Photography Blog

For over a year, Angela Black struggled to build her blog herself, in between driving motorcoach tours across the US, pursuing a landscape photography passion, and keeping up with a big family. Finally she let go and let us design her site. Now, she’s rollin’ in style.

Travel blogger & photographer website
Benton Downs Photography Workshops Website

Photography Workshop Website

Barry Benton and David Downs are pro photographers who help ordinary folks learn to create ahh-mazing images. We helped them transform their lovely (but kludgy) website into a simpler, cleaner (but oh-so-informative) hub for their photography workshops.

Benton Downs destination photography workshops website home page
EntreManure Website

Solopreneur Business Site

Launched in 2016, this site is solid (LOL) proof that, in the long run, great design costs less. Meticulous planning and architecture, professional copywriting, and clean, minimalistic design keep the site looking fresh and professional, even after years.

Pooper scooper dog niche business website
David Downs Photography Website

Photographer/Teacher Website

David Downs is a brilliant photographer who needed an online hub for the many ways he pursues his craft. We designed and built a site for him that showcases his jaw-dropping work – without overtaking it – and connects him with prospective clients, customers and students.

Photography website home page for Plano photographer & instructor David Downs
Truism Fitness Website

Health & Fitness Blog

Jamie Hickey is a Certified Personal Trainer who got sick of the BS dished out by popular fitness blogs. He decided to do something about it, and Truism Fitness was born. We helped Jamie transform his blog into a lean, mean, BS-fighting machine. We might not even lift, bro – but we spot.

Truism Fitness Blog Redesign
Vivian Carrasco Website Redesign

Personal Transformation Coach Website

Vivian Carrasco is a fun, slightly “woo-woo” – and highly skilled – coach and mentor for women seeking personal transformation. We worked with Vivian to completely reorganize and transform her site with fast loading pages and clean, airy design. Now, it’s as playful and inviting as Vivian herself.

Vivian Carrasco home page
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Technical knowledge + high creative expertise

A Fearless Venture is the BEST website design and site care agency out there. You expect them to know the technical stuff (and they do!), but it isn’t often that you get a technical person who also has such high creative expertise. They can help even the clueless bring their vision to life! They go the extra mile to problem solve for their customers so that you feel like you have two advocates for your business in your corner.
Barry and Debra Benton of The Virtual Campground

Debra & Barry Benton
The Virtual Campground

A Fearless Venture

Debra & Barry Benton
The Virtual Campground

Barry and Debra Benton of The Virtual Campground
It's rare to find technical help with such high creative expertise. They go the extra mile to problem solve. I feel like we have advocates for our business in our corner.
A Fearless Venture

Are we the right web designers for you?

Our ideal clients…

  • Are profitable, entrepreneurial small or micro businesses.
  • Value experienced partners that help them arrive at the right solutions vs. having to figure it all out on their own.
  • Are willing and able to invest 1-2 hours/week throughout the project to collaborate and provide feedback.
  • Hire other pro help when needed, e.g., for copywriting or logo design.
  • Favor decisions that offer long-term quality & value vs. less expensive but constant short-term fixes.
  • Might have built their first site themselves.
  • Have the budget for the features and professional expertise they need (even if they may need to break it up over time).
  • Are comfortable using e-mail to communicate 93% of the time, because it’s efficient, trackable and fits their workflow.
  • Have realistic deadlines, and provide timely feedback that helps us meet them.
  • Find humor even in the craziest situations (we do), because they all pass (thank goodness!).