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Why redesign a “pretty” website? Because a great website doesn’t just look good. It’s intentionally designed to help your business run efficiently and profitably.

In Good Paws Business Website Design

Patrice Kuiken’s website looked good. But it wasn’t working for her. And, it made her work harder. On top of her roles as the owner of In Good Paws Dog Training, and its lead trainer. Not cool.

Patrice went on the hunt for tools that could help her streamline and automate some of her processes. Then, she talked to us.

We truly put our heads together. Patrice’s dog-training, small-business-owning genius, and our knack for design that’s more than just pretty. Oh, and Patrice’s conversion copywriting ace: her sister Sarah Kuiken.

Sure – we’ll confess to a preference for style. But at the end of the day we’re all about substance. That’s what delivers results, baby!

I run a small 2 person dog training business that I started on my own, so I really have to be strategic about how I spend my money! I was initially inclined to choose a designer based on price plus look of website. I asked for referrals from others and did some Googling. There were a lot of temptingly inexpensive choices (and I had gone that route for my initial website design). But ultimately, Teresa helped me understand why going with the cheaper option in the long run can cost you much more.

Getting in front of fewer clients and having poor usability loses you business. A Fearless Venture showed me what goes into creating a well run, easily accessible, and search engine optimized site. It’s a lot! I don’t want to have to learn the ins and outs of SEO to make sure my site is doing what it needs to. With Teresa, I don’t have to worry about any of that – I can trust that it’s all taken care of and I can focus on my own business.

I am a bit of a control freak as well, so it’s a great fit that A Fearless Venture wants their clients to be a part of the design choices. I love my new website! Just the other day, I had a client tell me they chose me because of my website and how it made them feel about my services. I highly recommend making the investment with A Fearless Venture.

— Patrice Kuiken

Thanks so much for bearing with all the ideas/changes, and for making my website so beautiful – and a good experience for the user 🙂
Patrice Kuiken and Finn
Patrice Kuiken
In Good Paws Dog Training home page - responsive website design

We saved the images above before handing the site over to the client. Things may have since changed on the live site.