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Flourish Writing

Writer Sarah Kuiken was *over* her Squarespace site’s limitations. We helped her into a new WordPress-based site, and built in simplicity, flexibility & loads of style.

Flourish Writing Website Redesign

There’s nothing wrong with using Squarespace for your business website. That is, unless you’re doing something that their stock themes don’t work well for, and you don’t have the design or coding chops necessary to change it.

When Sarah Kuiken launched her freelance copywriting business, a shoestring/startup budget meant DIYing, at least to begin with. She was familiar enough with WordPress, having edited content in clients’ sites on the platform.

Sarah knew WordPress enough that she loathed the idea of DIYing a site with it. Squarespace promises you everything you need to create your site. Choose a template, make a few tweaks, and you’ll be good to go.

Except that’s almost never what happens.

Squarespace is certainly simpler than WordPress in some respects. But when you try to do something to fit a unique need, it falls apart. Because you are probably not a designer who can envision and execute a full solution. You are just a normal person like Sarah, trying to make the few tweaks that are supposed to get you that perfect website.

Sarah did the best she could, and then kind of left it. It wasn’t bad (we’ve seen much worse). But it wasn’t helping her.

When she came to us, her main request was for “a better, prettier portfolio,” and a site that would more clearly communicate her value to prospective clients. The latter was a task for Sarah’s words. The portfolio, though – we definitely had tricks up our sleeve to make that come together beautifully and simply.

Thanks to dynamic options available with the premium tools we use, we built a site that makes adding a stylish, well-designed portfolio piece as simple as filling in a few blanks and uploading a screenshot. Detailed case study completely optional 🙂

Flourish Writing – One-page, responsive website design by A Fearless Venture

We saved the images above before handing the site over to the client. Things may have since changed on the live site.