One-Page Small Business Website

Freedom Mobile RV Services

A larger site was a pain in the rear to update & didn’t sell their services. Our design + pro writing delivered all Rich & Eli needed in one powerful page.

Freedom Mobile RV Services Website Redesign

Rich Mikelic and wife Eli were in a tough spot. Their mobile RV repair service had great Google reviews. But every time they moved (as people who live in homes with wheels tend to do), they were penalized by Google.

Google My Business is a thing plenty of small, local businesses benefit from and oftentimes come to rely on. There are (supposed to be) allowances for mobile businesses like Rich and Eli’s. But the reality of the situation was that they didn’t own that sidebar box that pops up for relevant searches. Google did. And Google could (and did) turn it off whenever they pleased.

Let’s face it: All of us that depend on our websites to attract business also depend, to a greater or lesser extent, on the whims of Google. Rich and Eli are not alone there.

One thing they could do was create something they owned and had control over. Something that would allow them to promote their business in a way that was reliable and effective. A website. They did have one, but had unfortunately bought into Google for that as well.

Google Sites promises easy website building. So as most people do when they don’t know otherwise, they took Google’s word for it and built the site themselves. But what no one knows until they put up a site that doesn’t sell, is what goes on the page matters.

Not only will the right words resonate with the right people – they get your site found by the right people. As heavy handed as Google can be about Google My Business search results, they can be equally helpful about showing your site when it is a good fit for a searcher.

So, before we touched the design, we knew Rich and Eli needed copy that would attract the right searchers, then resonate with prospective customers and prompt them to call Rich.

Sarah Kuiken was the perfect person for the task. She is not only a masterful copywriter, but unfortunately also a veteran of several RV repair dilemmas. It’s not often you get a copywriter and subject matter expert all in one.

When you have one focused goal (e.g., get people who need RV help to call Rich) and effective copy, there’s often no need for more than a single page. Done right, it’s just as navigable and findable as a multi-page site, and more effective at selling.

Bonus: One-page websites like Rich and Eli’s are also simpler to create and maintain. Meaning they cost less. Which frees up $$$ to hire a pro to write the words that resonate with the kind of customers you need. Which, ultimately, means even more money in your pocket.

Win, win, win.

Just wanted to share with you that we got a new customer today as a direct result of the website. When Rich asked how he’d heard about us, the man said he found our site with a Google Search, then chose us specifically because of the points we talked about on the website. Thank you for that!
Rich & Eli Mikelic

We saved the images above before handing the site over to the client. Things may have since changed on the live site.