One-Page Event Website Design

Camp Carpe Diem

One page website design for Camp Carpe Diem event

Camp Carpe Diem team members hold on average 3.2 jobs each. The last thing they needed was a complex website. We kept it simple with a one-page design.

Camp Carpe Diem Website Design

All Camp Carpe Diem organizers wanted to do was have some fun, and invite others to join in. They just needed a way to get the info out and get tickets in the hands of attendees.

We designed a single, easy-to-navigate page that offers quick access to all key info – and ticket sales. Adding a FAQ page helped the team provide quick, self-serve answers to those needing more info.

Ticket sales might have been a technical headache, but relying on Eventbrite made it easy. Just a little code snippet and boom – you can buy a ticket without ever leaving the Camp Carpe Diem site.

Organizing a new event is a complex enough undertaking. Keeping the website simple helps keep the team’s focus where it matters: On hosting a fun-filled weekend where everyone gets a break from the rigors of adulting!

Camp Carpe Diem event website

We saved the images above before handing the site over to the client. Things may have since changed on the live site.