Online Meeting Prep

Woo-hoo – your time’s reserved!

I can’t wait to dig into your site. If this is your first session with me, you might not believe this but I’ll say it anyway:

We will have fun AND we will take care of business. Even the most frustrating website problems are 99/100 no match for you + me.

Technical Requirements

You shouldn’t need to install anything, but to ensure we can work efficiently and effectively, you must be able to answer YES to the following:

  • Will you use headphones (your smartphone earbuds are totally fine) to prevent distracting feedback/echo during our session?
  • Will you use a desktop or laptop computer (not a smartphone, tablet or other small device) for our session?
  • Are you OK with video chat and screen sharing, regardless of bad hair (yours or mine)?

Before our session gets underway you’ll be taken through a quick check to make sure we’ll be able to communicate. If you like, you can go to my test meeting room and check your setup now.

Questions? Check your e-mail for my confirmation message and just reply to it.

See you soon!