One Page Website Design

Movement Matter Mind

Our simple, all-inclusive one-page website package was perfect for Michele Kersman, a NeuroMovement practitioner who spends her days guiding clients to move, feel and perform more optimally.

Simple Website Solution for Wellness Coach

Michele Kersman started an unconventional business that doesn’t revolve around the web and doesn’t need a complicated website. We helped her keep things simple with a single-page website for Movement-Matter-Mind, Michele’s NeuroMovement practice.

Getting a business up and running is a tremendous challenge even before considering what to do about a website. Most people in Michele’s position aren’t prepared to think about it. They do what it seems everyone else doing: Have a website built, with multiple pages telling visitors everything there is to know about the business. Filling in with fluff so all that extra space doesn’t look empty.

It’s an approach that adds unnecessary complexity and expense at the worst possible time. As if that’s not bad enough, unless the business has worked closely with a good conversion copywriter, all those extra pages and words won’t help move visitors any closer to becoming customers.

Our all-inclusive one-page website package was perfect for Michele. It’s a small but mighty option that includes everything she needs – site design and development, copywriting, hosting, site backups, updates and maintenance – and nothing she doesn’t.

Single page website for Movement Matter Mind

We saved the images above before handing the site over to the client. Things may have since changed on the live site.