RV Lifestyle Blog Redesign

The Virtual Campground: RV Lifestyle Blog Redesign

Liz Wilcox is a gutsy, high-energy, entrepreneur and blogger with a quirky sense of humor and a “campground hair/IDC” attitude. Can’t package that up in a website, but you can make sure the design helps it shine through.

RVers are our people. Entrepreneurial RVers even more so. We <3 helping Liz with The Virtual Campground because it’s another way to bring our weird little community together.

Liz worked with Sarah Kainec to develop a logo and color palette, which we integrated into our design.

The Virtual Campground website redesign

Website design gallery

To show you the details in this site design, we included images that are way larger than usual. Meaning, this page may not load as quickly as the rest of our site.

Click any image in the gallery to open an even larger version, and be sure to check out the mobile responsive design in the gallery that follows this first one.

Of course the design is mobile responsive

We created the galleries above before handing the site over to the client. Things may have since changed on the live site.