Truism Fitness: Fitness Blog Redesign

Certified Personal Trainer irked by popular fitness blogs’ dubious advice. Fights back with ‘no-BS’ fitness blog.

Jamie Hickey was once unhealthy, unfit and weighed over 300lbs. When he turned to the internet for help trimming down and later shaping up, what he saw was a mess of shady advice. Jamie saw opportunity – not only for a side hustle, but to offer something better.

Like every new blogger, Jamie made some decisions that ultimately weren’t in his best interest. But his content was solid. Traffic began growing. We helped him transform his original blog into a lean, mean, BS-fighting machine. We might not even lift, bro – but we spot.

Truism Fitness Blog Redesign

We saved the image above before handing the site over to the client. Things may have since changed on the live site.