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Lead The Way Dog Training

Lead the Way’s adorable website clearly and compellingly shows the transformation on offer. Because as engaging as it may be, cute alone doesn’t win business.

WordPress Site Redesign for Pro Dog Trainers

Business was booming, thanks to word of mouth and a stellar reputation. If only Lead the Way Dog training had a website that measured up.

We were positively giddy when Lead the Way founder and lead trainer Amy McCaa came to us to design a fresh new WordPress website – a replacement for the business’s dated Vistaprint site.

Part of our enthusiasm was that we are (to put it mildly) dog people. Our feelings about Vistaprint websites, however, were at the opposite end of the spectrum. Let’s just say we were more than happy to help Amy and crew ditch the millennial-era relic that bore her company’s name.

Plenty of brand new or too-busy small business owners start off at Vistaprint, before they understand what they’re getting themselves into. They went to VP for business cards, saw offers for the company’s “Digital Marketing” products, and thought they’d found a simple way to finally get their business online.

Then, after a heroic effort to DIY their first site with Vistaprint’s clunky tools, they are done. If that’s what building a website is all about, they want no more of it. The site sits there, largely (or completely…let’s be honest) unchanged for years.

Their Vistaprint site may not win them any business. But if they’re good at in-person networking or have good word of mouth (Amy & Lead the Way had both going for them), having any site at all gives people who hear about you a way to get in touch. So even a dated DIY Vistaprint site is usually better than no site.

Most people who come to us – Amy included – know they need better design. Rarely do they realize that, done right, better design should include elements that streamline processes, save time or help better serve customers.

Removing barriers to that first interaction is a good example here.

We built in large, bright call buttons to make it easy for potential clients – mobile users especially – to take the first step with Lead the Way. We also recommended and built a FAQ page that helps address questions and possible objections.

Down the road, adding client intake forms or session/class scheduling can make it even easier for people to do business with Lead the Way. With WordPress, the sky is truly the limit.

Really nice work guys!! I love the direction – you guys are brilliant!!! Thank you for listening and bringing our ideas to life.

Amy McCaa
Responsive website design for Lead the Way Dog Training

We saved the images above before handing the site over to the client. Things may have since changed on the live site.