Are there certain website colors that sell?

What colors are best for marketing your business?

Earlier today I posted to my Facebook page a link to a KISSmetrics article on using color to increase website conversions from lookers to buyers. The infographic above does a good job of hitting the high spots, but you’ll need a bit more information to figure out the website colors that sell prospective buyers on your particular business.

As with many things in life, the best color choices depend on your target audience, the specific location of the color, surrounding colors and the size of the area you’ll fill with the color. Is orange good? For sports team websites the answer is apparently yes. In general, no. But for “Buy Now!” buttons, probably.

If you’d like to understand a bit more about the psychology behind website visitor interaction and look at examples from top websites and brands, check it out. It’s written for the layperson and is a good read if you’re curious about what color tweaks might help your site.