Atlanta WordPress MeetUp Presentation: Do More – Use LESS

Last night I had the pleasure of introducing fellow Atlanta WordPress users to LESS, the dynamic stylesheet language that streamlines web design and development and helps make sites more consistent.

Teresa Rosche Ott - LESS and WordPress

Photo by Mike Schinkel

The group has a mix of people ranging from beginning WordPress users to designer/developer hybrids like me to experienced PHP/theme/plugin developers, so I was a little worried about speaking at an appropriate level of nerdiness. Fortunately, LESS has something for everyone who’s interested in making better web sites, and it seemed that seeing just a little of what it can do was enough to pique interest across the diverse audience. Yay : )

Atlanta WordPress Users Group Meetup Presentation - Teresa Rosche Ott

Photo by Jack Kennard

My slides are mainly bullet points on the topic, but the Resources slide should prove helpful even if you didn’t attend the presentation, as should the YouTube video showing my workflow with WordPress and Less. You can see the presentation here. [ Sorry – this presentation has been archived due to its ginormous file size. ]

Thanks to MeetUp (and WordCamp Atlanta, too!) organizer Judi Knight for the invite and encouragement. Judi has a passion for enriching the WordPress community in Atlanta. Whatever your connection to WordPress – small business user to PHP developer – you’ll be welcomed and bettered by attending and participating in the Atlanta WordPress Users Group Meetup, so check it out if you live in the metro area.

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