design teams vs. freelancers – the simple truth

In an ideal world, all sites are created by a multi-disciplinary team of experts that can effectively address multiple aspects of website development: information architecture, copywriting, graphic design, coding, QA and user testing and training to manage the new site.

When you run a small or super-small business, it’s almost never with an ideal budget. So if your budget won’t allow for a website design team, a strong generalist with an eye for consistency and detail is the next best thing.

If you’re just barely big enough to hire a small team, the right generalist can help you manage it to ensure you get what you need within the timeframe and at the budget you expect.

Debating where to go from here?

I may be able to help.

My broad background is ideal when a site requires a collaborative team of specialists. I have the experience and expertise to manage the team while keeping my eye on the big picture and keeping things simple for you. Whether managing your team or guiding you as a solo freelancer, my strong communications background means that, first and foremost, I approach a website with the right focus: what it should do for your business.

Looking to take the next right step for your website? Get in touch to find out if we ought to work together.