If you run out of actually good blogging ideas

If you read much of anything about business websites you’ll learn that blogging helps reach more of the people that care about what you’re saying. But when you haven’t done it for a long time, or at all, it seems hard to get started.

Maybe you actually don’t mind writing. But what to write? With good intentions, you sign in to your website, click the “Add New Post” thingie, aaaaannnnd stare at the big, white space before giving up.

Big scary empty post screen
Is this intimidating? Think SMALLER.

Lighten up

Let me veer off on a tangent that may have something to do with your stuckness. You don’t have to write War and Peace. Or a slickly-worded sales pitch for your business. Nobody wants to read either, by the way. If most of your blog posts were along the lines of those you see on a well-done business Facebook page, you’d be on the right track. So chill out.

It helps to write a little every day. You’ll have to determine how often you should post to your blog, but once a week would be good to start with. Maybe even good enough forever.

You can write helpful tips around your area of expertise, post images showing something you’re working on, or write about something only tangentially related to your business, like a lesson you learned.

In short, just be you and talk about regular stuff. But without the cat memes or other completely unrelated things your readers aren’t likely to be interested in.

Actually good blog post ideas

The helpful folks at WordPress put together a free e-book with a blog post prompt for every single day of the year. While all of the ideas may not be suitable for your particular blog, you only need 52 to come up with a post a week. You can find that guide as a downloadable PDF, a Kindle formatted book, or an iBook for your iPad. Go get it, and show us what you’ve got.

Or, just stick with what you’re doing. Yeah, the posts from two years ago announcing your holiday hours, or the new items you’re no longer carrying. Whatever works for you : )

p.s. – If you missed yesterday’s post about not being a jerk when you blog, check it out. It’s short, and could save you from debilitating rejection.

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