I’m speaking at the 2013 Type-A Parent Bloggers Conference!

Until a month or two ago I’d never heard of Type-A Parent, a social network for thousands of parent bloggers and the base from which a huge and wonderful annual conference springs each year. Maybe that’s because I’m not a type A (though I would be if I could do it by snapping my fingers)…or maybe it’s because for me blogging’s been more about occasionally indulging a passion for writing than treating it like a serious gig, which I gather is how these Type-A folks pursue it. Or it could just be that I’ve been living under a rock (or with my nose to the keyboard, as the case may be).

Recently, one of the Type-A Parent Conference organizers contacted me with an invitation to come to their conference and lead a hands-on session to show bloggers how to tweak some key elements of their blog’s CSS. I felt honored to be asked, but even more so when I saw who was speaking and on what topics. I said yes after I checked out Type-A (the organization) but before I saw the session offerings. When I did see the topics it made me all the more grateful for the invitation. What a treasure trove of knowledge – and it had pretty much just dropped into my lap.

While I’m not being paid for speaking per se, I do get a full-conference pass and I’m going to use the heck out of it except for around the time of my session and its prep. There are sessions about writing. Sessions about monetization. Tech-related sessions. Sessions about marketing. There’s a webinar how-to session (but it’s at the same time I’m speaking, darn it). Many things that will help me with the simpler web, as well as session topics that may help me explore some related interests.

If you think the conference might benefit you, check out the sessions offered and navigate around to get the rest of the picture. If you decide to go, and you use the affiliate link the conference provided, I’ll get credit for your registration. I would love to see you in my session, Cosmetic (Blog) Enhancements: Simple Nips & Tucks with Big Bang for the Buck, but it filled up in about five seconds. You can, however, add yourself to the wait list once you’re registered. And yes, I did come up with the session name. Cheesy?

Other things in the works include packages for smaller, simpler sites that should help new or very small businesses with much better websites than what they could do on their own or with other low-budget solutions. The new packages are ideal for small businesses just getting started with a website or who are considering scrapping their current sites. If that’s you, feel free to contact me even if you’re ready before the new offerings are posted to this site. I can offer these packages now, but putting together all of the pages describing and comparing them will take me a bit longer.