Spike TV host Jon Taffer offers brutally honest advice for small businesses

Author & "Bar Rescue" host & producer Jon Taffer
Author & “Bar Rescue” host & producer Jon Taffer

Seems like every time I log on there’s someone else telling small business owners what they’re doing wrong. I don’t like so much negativity, but many times I realize from experience that the author has valid points. That’s the case with this post by Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer.

This “Top 5” list unsurprisingly paints a kind of worst-case scenario that makes for good TV, but isn’t reflective of the small business owners I know and work with. However, it does point to problem areas I see in varying degrees in most small businesses – including my own. Taffer says our problem areas are that we:

  1. Get into business for the wrong reasons.
  2. Don’t take responsibility for failures.
  3. Don’t understand the three essentials of marketing.
  4. Don’t stay on top of the numbers.
  5. Don’t have the necessary experience or help.

Taffer briefly expounds on each of the above points and offers some advice to combat the problem. It’s a short, worthwhile read.

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer on Mistakes Small Businesses Make – Business Insider.

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