People like us (a post-RVE Summit recap)

We’re hanging out beside the lake in Guntersville, Alabama, after attending the 2019 RV Entrepreneur Summit. If you’re thinking “Alabama? Tragically un-hip.” – feast your eyes:

Sunset – Brian & John Lee @ Lake Guntersville, Alabama
Brian stopping to capture a Lake Guntersville sunset while walking our Greyhound John Lee.

That’s not even the best shot I have, but I don’t want to give you severe FOMO if you weren’t there.

The scenery wasn’t the best part of it, though. The sessions were good. Some were really good. But I’d place them second to the most valuable thing we gained from attending: Connecting with our tribe. Most of whom we met in real life for the very first time here in Alabama.

When you’re doing things outside the norm (or trying like hell to), it feels so good to meet similarly crazy geniuses. It stirs the soul, gets those creative juices flowing and provides relatable friends to hang with and blow off steam.

If you’re trying to do what you do all alone, find some like-minded people to connect with. It’ll make your journey so much better.

Where we’re at with the biz

With Brian on board we’ve finally been able to partner up on SEO. Good grief did we need that.

He handles the data side of it and tells me what to tweak in my copy, or what keywords would be good for us to go after. SEO is definitely a long game, but it’s one that can pay off when little else works. Especially if you have good content.

We are finally ranking for terms that are actually related to WordPress support and site care. Traffic is up overall. Business is up a little too, but so far that’s all from existing relationships (or referrals from those relationships).

I think we’re on a great track, but we’re not yet where we need to be. Saying this for the benefit of those on a similar journey, or want to be, and you deserve a realistic perspective.

Building a business takes time. Probably more than any of us like.

Cool stuff coming up

I’ll have a guest post published near the end of May on a popular blog with WAYYYYYY more page views than ours. I was beside myself when one of the founders suggested it, because I’d only reached out to ask about making them an affiliate for our 7 Days to a Speedier WordPress Website program. I’ll link to the post when it’s published.

I have another guest post coming up for Xscapers, a lifestyle group for working-age full-time RVers. It’s about building a business that works with RV life, and it’s scheduled to be published on April 15th – Tax Day here in the U.S.

Update: The post is LIVE and you can read it here.

Since we’re so tiny, it is completely awesome to have the opportunity to “talk” to such huge audiences. It’s also great for SEO when they link back to our website. Jumping up and down a little right now as I write 🙂

Travelin’ plans

We’ve been here beside Lake Guntersville for almost a month. Not tired of it yet, but we’ve got an agenda. We’ll roll on out of here in about a week.

First stop is Cloudland Canyon, a state park in north Georgia. I think we’ve convinced the whole fam damily to come up. If your family doesn’t visit you enough, just take off in an RV. That’ll teach them to appreciate you when you are around 😉

After that, we head for South Dakota. I’ve never been to South Dakota, or even most of the states we’ll pass through. Our SD trip is to establish domicile (it’s kind of like residency). If I’m not mistaken, we start that trip on April 15th.

Yet another positive event slated for Tax Day!

Following that, we plan to be in the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee for the summer. Then on to Kentucky for a couple of months.

We’ll be working all the while, so not sure exactly what we’ll see or do. That sounds boring, doesn’t it? I promise we’ve become far less Type A and much more adventurous since starting this journey.

Over the last few months we’ve visited a whiskey distillery, eaten an amazing burger named for Kevin Bacon, lived lakeside, visited an alpaca farm, stayed at a winery, overindulged in craft beer…and may have enjoyed a few other exciting things I’ve forgotten (intentionally or not…I’ll never tell).

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Your turn!

What’s going on in your world? Are you working on something cool? Leave a comment and let us know.