*Before* you try to speed up your website

Everyone says website speed is super important. If your site’s not fast, people leave. Or, some say, they’ll show up less often in the first place, because slow sites get downranked in search results.

What almost no one talks about is what the average WordPress user can actually do to help site speed — without completely nerding out.

In this video, we skip the fear mongering, geek-speak and scary stats. Instead, we quickly deliver four simple principles to help you avoid speed problems in the first place.

Then, we follow up with a few quick low-tech, actionable tips and tactics to help you leverage each principle. In just 30 minutes, you’ll get solid, actionable tips to help you avoid or improve a slow WordPress website.

Watch the video, then leave a comment below to let us know if Teresa’s talk helped you get your head around speed at all, or if you’ve still got questions.

What’s WordCamp? Who’s it for?

The talk in this video was from Teresa’s presentation at WordCamp Birmingham 2019.

WordCamp events are held all over the world – there’s sure to be one near you, or in a place you’d love to visit. They’re a phenomenal resource for anyone who uses WordPress in any way, or wants to – whether you’re completely new to it or you write the code behind it.


Find the resources page mentioned in the video here.

See our massive (seriously…you’ll see) list of the simplest ways to help site speed – without digging around in code or anything too nerdy.