What you need to know about website load times

*Before* you try to speed up your website

Most site speed advice is full of scare tactics, irrelevant stats & technical mumbo-jumbo. We skip that BS & give you actionable tips to help your WordPress site.

Does website speed really matter?

Do website loading times really matter? Or is all the talk about site speed just a bunch of hype and fear-mongering? We dig in to the latest research for definitive answers.

What the hell, Jetpack? You’re slowing me down!

With a name like Jetpack, it’s easy to think this plugin will make your WordPress site extra zippy. Or, at least, that it won’t slow things down. But HOW you use it is as big a deal as IF you use it.

Savvy bloggers rise to the challenge

Kelan & Brittany Kline built their blog from $0 to quit-your-day-job money in less than a year. Now, 2 years in, speed issues threaten their progress.

Is that “killer” plugin killing your blog?

Within the WordPress dashboard is something akin to a candy store for website owners: all-you-can-eat plugins. One click solves any website problem, real or potential. The best part? Everything’s FREE! Except…it’s not. Not always. Learn the real cost of plugins & get strategies for minimizing their impact on your site.